I’ve been rocking the short asymmetrical look for a while, and letting it grow out to chin level before cutting it again, but this is the first time I’ve completely buzz cut the side of my head. Favourite haircut yet. Have not had long hair in about 5 years. Doubt I will ever go back. If you’re even contemplating it - just do it! Let the haters hate - I’ve never felt more like myself.

proteg0 asked:

I've been wanting to chop off all my hair for a while now because a) I'm tired of dealing with my long unmanageable hair and b) it doesn't feel like me, but I'm tall and thick but not busty, and I still want to appear somewhat feminine, so I've been kind of on the fence. But your blog has sealed the deal for me, and I'm definitely going to do it now! I'm scared, but seeing all these awesome, lovely people with short hair has inspired me :)

nohirexi asked:

I've wanted a pixie for a while and my haircut appointment is Friday. I tried googling plus size + pixie for so long and I got pictures of Halle Berry and Kiera Knightly. Finally tried pixie + fat girl and got this tumblr. Thank you for being here!


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