Was growing my long ringlet hair out for over 10 years then chopped it all off. This is defiantly not the cut I wanted but its ok I guess, I’m going to go shorter next time. I sorta look like Betty Boop or a chubby Rizzo from grease. I also think the cut de-aged me I don’t think I look like a 25 year old anymore. 

Thanks for the inspiration beautiful Ladies! 

I must confess: I don’t have a Tumblr. I know, I know… lame. But here’s what happened. I had been thinking about going short for ages, but I was terrified about how I would look. I though my head would look like a beach ball, and this fear was not helped by the fact that the only short styles I could find on Pinterest or Google were on these teeny-tiny celebrities and models. Sure, we may both have the same face shape, but a skinny oval and chubby oval just look different. Then… then I got the guts to type what I really wanted to find. Fat girls like me with short hair like I wanted. Found the beautiful ladies here and got the courage to chop it off. I started with a shoulder-grazing bob that I LOVED, but the way my fine hair was cut made the ends split and frizz up after only two days. I went back to get it fixed (even MORE got chopped off!) and now I have an a-line bob. It’s not stacked in the back, just layered. I have straight hair, so I use a flat iron and sea salt spray to put in some wave and texture. Here’s the final result!

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