I used this blog as inspiration the night I chopped off my hair. I had a lot of changes happen over the past year, and I wanted a new beginning. I had wanted to do a cut for  a long time, but finally decided to do it on the night of my 25th after seeing this blog. Thanks!

i had been looking for someone to cut my curly hair for a long time. i wrote in about my frizzy curls and my disease that makes me lose my hair and actually makes me overweight a few months ago. (thanks for the help!!) i finally caught up with a friend from high school that works at a salon in my area. she gave me an angled cut, took off 7 inches! she and i agreed to start with this, and go shorter next time if i want. (i think i might…i hate hair in my face…) but for now i am happy i went shorter and less hair (well, SHORTER hair) falls out!

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