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I’ve had incredibly damaged/over-processed hair for a long time now as I was regularly bleaching the shit out of it to make it a bright fushia/red colour for over a year. It was mid-length and I decided I’d like to grow it long, naturally coloured (probably not just my natural ash blond but with more natural colours in it) and just essentially stop torturing it.

After growing it out for months, I decided it was time to chop it off and get rid of as much of the bleached hair as possible. I’m a chubby girl (used to be obese but slowly getting down to a healthier body) and whilst I’m very tall (almost 6ft) I show my weight on my face first. So I was hesitant about doing a pixie but am so glad I went to my amazing hairstylist and I love it!

Don’t let your weight or other people stop you from giving it a go if you’re keen, I’m so happy with my current haircut and whilst it was a means to an end I feel like I’ve proven that curly/wavy hair and chubby cheeks certainly don’t mean you can’t rock a short do. :)

P.S Thanks so much for all the submissions on here, it gave me much more confidence to go for it. <3

Old Hair:

Old Hair

New Hair:

New Hair

New Hair

oh man, i’m so glad i finally did it! got my hair cut yesterday after months of debating with myself and my mum. i kept being told it’d look terrible and wouldn’t suit me because i’m a uk size 16/18 and “short hair doesn’t suit round faces” (which is total crap btw). my mum says i look like “a butch dyke”, little does she know i am actually a lesbian so jokes on her (?) i’m gonna be donating my 9 inch plaits to the little princess trust, in the hope that it can be used to help kids in need of some sweet ginger hair.

anyway, i couldn’t have done it without all the inspiration i got from this awesome blog! every girl can rock a pixie, fuck anyone that tells you otherwise!

stay cute guys 

Was growing my long ringlet hair out for over 10 years then chopped it all off. This is defiantly not the cut I wanted but its ok I guess, I’m going to go shorter next time. I sorta look like Betty Boop or a chubby Rizzo from grease. I also think the cut de-aged me I don’t think I look like a 25 year old anymore. 

Thanks for the inspiration beautiful Ladies! 

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